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You are certainly familiar with traditional , such as telling how affordable the product is. However, there are more subtle and more effective psychological tactics that produce better results.

Someone once said that making is all about psychology and I cannot agree more.

There are a variety of superb psychological closing techniques that can be used with the NLP sales process. Most are successful, if you are using covert hypnosis to make sales as well. Here are some of the top picks.

Taking the Product Away

This one of the sales closing techniques plays with the inner desires of the prospect customer.

You have to give them what they want first. You have to go through the standard NLP sale steps first.

Once you have linked the benefits of the product to the needs of the prospect, you can readily deal with any hesitation, by saying that the product is no longer available.

The key to success is not to do this straightforwardly. Just come up with a line that your manager has reserved it for someone else. Alternatively, you can say that you will not give the product at the set price.

This creates disturbance and confusion. Once you have accomplished this effect, you can readily make the surprise twist and say that you will give the prospect the product any way.

For instance, you can say, “I really like you and I think I can handle the issue it with my boss. Get this product. I will pack it for you.”

The prospect will be eager to get out his credit card and pay, after you say this line.

Going Back to the Beginning

This one of the closing techniques might not seem effective, but this is definitely not the case. It is particularly beneficial to use, when your prospect is rejecting your product.

This tactic is what it says it is. You simply have to go back to the beginning of the NLP sales process and to identify the needs of the prospect, in particular.

By starting over, you will fill in any gaps and fix any mistakes that you have made. In addition, you will be able to apply more NLP methods more effectively.

How do you go back to the beginning? The use of this one of the closing techniques is actually quite easy.

You can readily say, “Can you please remind me again what solution you are looking for?”

Alternatively you can restart the process by saying, “I have looked into the matter further and I can now explain better.”

Turning Objections into Conditions

This one of the closing techniques is effective for both NLP and covert hypnosis. It success lies with the fact that the salesperson uses the objections of the prospect to the sale.

What you have to do is turn the objection into a condition and then ask whether the prospect will buy. They key to producing the desired effect is to trigger the imagination of the person.

You can readily use “imagine” or preferably “what if” in the beginning of your line.

For example, “What if I could give a mixer with an extra accessory? Would you buy the mixer?”

With the first sentence you have already got the prospect into a state of trance. He or she is already imagining using the mixer with the accessory. Then, you are sending a subliminal message to buy.

The successful sales are guaranteed with this one of the closing techniques. Just make sure you can fulfill your promise to make the condition a reality, at least to an extent.

Creating an Imaginary Ownership Situation

This one of the closing sales techniques is particularly effective for use with covert hypnosis, but it works on its own as well.

All you have to do is talk, as if the prospect has already bought the product and owns it. This will allow you to open his subconscious mind and make the subliminal suggestion to buy.

For instance, you can say, “How will you integrate your new software tool?”

The prospect starts to imagine integrating and using the tool. Then, you can just close the sales with the basic line, “I’ll pack it for you.”

You have just learned a number of effective closing techniques. Keep mastering your NLP and covert hypnosis skills to close even more sales.

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Source by Marc Savage

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