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There are several being used today on different of car engines, and which offer different of results. In order to choose the right fuel type for your car you must first know your engine and you are also going to have to know what your preferences are. This is the article where we are going to talk about the main of fuels, which can be found on the markets today and how they are mostly used.

Industrial fuels are a special category of substances which are used only for tests and as reference materials. They are not to be found on the open market and are generally used by car manufacturers, research and development departments, specialised units and car testers. These industrial fuels come in the purest form possible and do not require any additives or extra substances that improve performance. They are the general fuel type used to start a car for the very first time and are used in order to accurately measure and calibrate car engines and other filtering options.

The motor gasoline is probably the most famous fuel in the world and also one of the most common used. They run on engines that offer a stronger kick than other engines and work on the spark principle to offer propulsion. The overall power the motor gasoline has to provide for an engine is determined by the octane value. The higher the octane value is, the higher the power of the engine. For those which believe even the purest form of gasoline is not good enough, there is always the option of additives, which can thin the gasoline and offer better results.

Diesel fuels are competing for quite some time now with motor gasoline directly. The fuel consumption economy offered by diesel fuels makes them a true favorite for most people that happen to be car owner. Besides the fact that you can travel the same distance with a less amount of fuel, the noxious gases emitted through the exhaust pipes are in much smaller values ​​and help the environment stay the same. It is known that gasoline offers a stronger kick than diesel fuels, however as far as urban consumption rates go, diesel is far better than gasoline.

These are the main three types of fuels which are being used today mainly to power our vehicles, however alternative fuel companies are working hard to counter attack the fuel crisis which will appear in about 60 years when fossil fuels will be no longer.


Source by Mihai Dumbrava

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