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Inteltec ePOS Systems

Inteltec ePOS systems are leading and fully functional POS systems designed for ease of use yet powerful features make management a breeze. We create epos systems that work for you.

UK sales for Epos

We sell across the UK and have a team of experts for consultancy and help to guide you through the ePOS minefield. We will always try to give the best advice about ePOS for your business.

Bespoke ePOS Development

We are developers so if you need special coding we can do it

Hospitality ePOS

From cafe to coffee shop and restaurant to fast food we have an ePOS system that is right for your business.

Retail ePOS

Designed for retails stores with multiple stock items and sales by weight.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry ePOS

We have been in the dry cleaning industry for 36yrs  and know it inside out that’s why we have developed what we think to be the best dry cleaning ePOS on the market

Quality Hardware

Our ePOS hardware has been maticulously sourced and tested over many years

Printers and Cash Drawers

Our printers are Thermal 80mm ePOS and 76MM dry cleaning dot matrix

Special features

Many custom features such as Till watch, Picture tickets, Caller ID, SMS when ready…Many more

Friendly service

We are always happy to assist where ever possible with any queeries you may have

Easy to Learn ePOS Systems

We know IT isn’t your main priority or your staff’s

That is why we make every  ePOS systems easy to learn, most of our ePOS can be picked up in just 10 minutes by staff. They are not confusing and use easy logical layouts and prompts make you choose your next option or step.

Secure ePOS

Secure cash drawer and tickets

Security is a big issue when it comes to staff, We designed Till Watch to guard you against theft and miss calculations of cash in the cash drawer. We all like to be trustful but this feature takes the doubt away and allows peace of mind with new or in-experienced staff.

We would like to say we have won lots of awards

But we didn’t (YET)!

We are an honest company and operate ethically and in a professional way at all times.

Let us help you take you to the next level by introducing Inteltec ePOS systems into your business. We are always striving to improve our ePOS systems and maybe will will have an award to show off one day in the near future.

My entire staff were using it by the end of the first day!

It’s so easy to use but the features are just what we needed, Paul and his team were just amazing. Thank you!

Vini Chauhan, CRDN ROYAL, Leicester


Some of the most asked questions 

Please find opposite some of the most asked questions answered for your information.

How Much?

The price of ePOS can vary depending on hardware etc. etc. Most standard systems start from £799


You can get ePOS systems set up very quickly in most cases, our data input team will enter your menus for you and this save hours of time and confusion.

What if?

If you need to change your ePOS menu we can do that for you too. We train you how this is done so you can do it yourself also

Can I?

You can add extra features at a later date so it is possible to start with one system on a low budget and build it up as time goes on

Does it?

Our ePOS systems can do most tings that you need them to. We can also besppoke program for franchises and larger chains too.

In the future?

Our ePOS systems are designed to be updateable in the future so no mater what version of windows you are running you will never be caught out

Single Screen PC's

A choice of Black or White single screen ePOS PC

Using 15″ Touchscreen pc 
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
AVG anti virus software FREE version
Menu set up

Twin Screen PC's

15″ Screen + 15″ Screen (Advertising)
FREE 6x graphics
Marketing Packages (Optional)
Full software package set up for your business….
Using 15″ Touchscreen pc + 15″ Display front screen
NEW Cash Drawer 4 note 8 Coin
NEW 80mm thermal printer
NEW mouse + Keyboard (PC only)
AVG anti virus software FREE version

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