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Your eyes have a great say in figuring out your general appeal and personality. Amid varied other things, the color of your eyes is one deciding factor that judges whether your eyes are pretty or not. If you are not very convinced with your eye color, then you could look for lenses.

Easy to use and highly affordable, the perfect contact can be determined by several factors including how natural it looks. Present day contact technology has guaranteed a completely authentic appearance for the which is created out of specific materials to further support the look.

The companies that make these lenses imitate the natural look of the colored portion of the eye. Since this area of ​​the eye enterprises of colorful shapes and lines, some color contacts have a series of tiny colored dots on the lens to make them look more natural. The part that lies over your pupil is kept transparent so that you can see clearly.

These lenses are available in four types of colorings – visibility tints, enhancement tints, opaque color tints and light-filtering tints.

The visibility tint adds a shade of blue or green to the eyes and is at the same time used with corrective lenses to further improve vision clearness. Otherwise, opaque color tints radically change the eye color completely- from blue to purple and so on. However, these color lenses are possibly the most natural looking of all other types and imitate real eye color completely.

Enhancement tints make the color of your natural eyes deeper and are particularly helpful if you'd like to bring about a slight change in your appearance. Finally, light-filtering tints highlight certain colors by muting the others and are used by sports-persons and spectators.

Party lenses are available for people who would like a totally different or perverted eye shade. The costume lenses as they are known, can transform your eye color into shades which are not typically seen in human beings. These contact lenses are specifically popular during Halloween or masquerade parties since they can convert the eye shade to resemble that of an alien or an animal.

However, there are also some of these lenses. Though there are various sized lenses available to fit different wearers, on certain occasions (like during blinking) the colored portion may slide over the pupil. Additionally, since the dimensions of your pupil is constantly changing to accommodate different circumstances, infrequently your pup may be bigger than the clear middle of the lens. In these situations, your vision may be a touch affected.

Lots of these lenses are also available for folk with ophthalmic defects such as astigmatism with a requirement for bifocals. If you need to reinvigorate the way you look, these colored contact lenses could be a neat idea.


Source by Robert Sevelyn

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