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Natural floors are often an ideal choice for home floors as they have a number of basic benefits. Visually they look great, are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and finishes, although the majority are, naturally, matte and slip resistant in nature. Natural is also extremely durable and scores highly in terms of cost durability. can, however, get damaged like any other and can also easily maintained so caring for your floor is especially important.

Protecting your floor starts with the installation. It is comparatively difficult to install a natural stone floor so it is highly advisable to seek professional installation both for the tiles and the grout. Grout is the construction material which is generally used to fill voids and also to seal joints, like those between the tiles. The grout needs to be applied carefully to ensure that there are no gaps or spaces as grout is specifically pre-staining.

Assuming the floor has been correctly installed prevention is the key to keeping your floor looking good. The application of a good sealant will help to protect the floor by adding an additional layer of protection which will prevent spillage or grime and bacteria from actually marking the surface of the stone. With a good sealant, the floor can involve nothing more that warm soapy water and a mop – so it is advisable to apply a suitable one – a stone floor specialist will be able to recommend one for you.

The real key to keeping a floor looking good, especially with stone, is to protect the surface from scratching and tiny abrasions which not only mark the surface, but also damage sealant and allow grime and bacteria to build up over time and form a stain that Can be very difficult to shift. Most surface scratching is caused by dirt and grit walked into the area on the soles of shoes. If you doubt this, take a look at your shoes the next time you walk in off the street, you may be surprised.

Usually regular sweeping and vacuuming should remove most of this dirt and grit allowing you to then clean the floor to keep it looking good.

If the floor becomes marked it is possible that domestic cleaning methods will cease to be effective and you may find yourself with a floor with an uneven and unsatisfactory appearance. In this case you may need to contact a stone floor cleaning company, which will utilize hi-tech cleaning equipment, to clean the floor thoroughly and leave it looking like new.

Remember, a new stone floor is a sizable investment, but with just a few basic cleaning tips – you should be able to keep it looking good for many years to come.


Source by Steven J Rosen

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