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The of most widow cleaners is very basic, a pair of shorts or jeans, a t-shirt, some tennis shoes and a cap. Simple enough but there is a little more to it than that. The is probably the most important aspect of branding your business. The is what people are going to see, besides your equipment and vehicle. The customer is not coming into a store front, you are the store front. So the will tell them how professional you really are.

If you look like their next door neighbor you are not going to be taken as seriously or as a professional but instead as some hammy scammy outfit. You need to be thinking about company colors that you will use to match your logo, uniform, advertising and eventually your vehicle. As these things are the visual representations of your business and how professional you are, never mind if you are just starting out, you can still be professional.

Lets talk about the shirt, some companies have polo style shirts with embroidered logos. This is nice but can be pretty pricey, especially since you are going to want at least 15 shirts to start off with just for yourself, as your clothes will get messed up. The most popular option is a solid t-shirt with a printed logo on them. I recommend a dark gray or dark color to hide the dirt, as you will get dirty and this will prolong the use of the shirt since it will get stained. You don’t want to go with stained shirts that are noticeable as once again you are presenting an image of professionalism and cleanliness to the customer.

The shorts or pants are also very important. I like the Dickies brand for this as they are actual uniform style clothes, they also hold up well over time and they tend to have great cargo pockets which I use all the time. I wear their shorts and use the cargo pockets for my towels and other odds and ends.

To help keep your shirt dry and cleaner, its best to tuck it in, so be sure to have a nice black belt, although you could just have your window cleaning belt covering up where the belt would go.

The hat is also a nice touch, it’s always good to match the hat to the pants or shorts. For instance my company colors are blue, grey and yellow. So I have a grey shirt, with blue shorts and hat with a yellow logo. The baseball hat is just for presentation. Once I am on the job outside I pull out my straw hat that covers me past my neck in protection from the sun. Although it is more challenging to wear when moving ladders. If I am not to hot then I wear the baseball hat inside.

Next are the shoes, you could wear boots but they might weigh you down after awhile so I prefer tennis shoes. The lighter the better, also you want something comfortable since you are going to be on your feet the entire time. Once again matching shoes is ideal but go with comfort first. Most people do not look at your feet anyways. Don’t forget to have matching socks!


Source by Mike Burrell

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